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CSA Membership Terms and Conditions

I agree to share in the inherent risks of organic agriculture with the farmers of Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative. In turn, I expect the staff and farmers of LFFC to provide the freshest product possible at current market prices.

I agree to be responsible for picking up my share during the hours the site host has allotted for pick up. If I am unable to pick up my share, I agree to contact the site host ahead of time to make alternate pick up arrangements. If I do not pick up my share and I have not contacted the site host in advance, I agree that my share will be donated at the site host’s discretion.

I agree to check the sign-in sheet at my pick up site before I take my share and to only take what I am listed as having paid for. I also agree to read the list of items provided at my pick up site and take only what is on that list. If I am found taking what I have not paid for, I voluntarily forfeit my share.

I agree to only open share boxes that I have paid for. If I do not like an item, I agree to make use of the SWAP box, leaving one unwanted item behind before I take another item. I will not rummage through another shareholder’s box, and if I am found doing do, I voluntarily forfeit my share.

I agree to transfer my vegetables into a bag and leave the share box to be recycled by LFFC when I pick up my share. I will fold up my box and stack it neatly at my pick up site.

Site transfers will be subject to a $25 administrative fee once the season begins.

I agree to abide by acceptable standards of conduct while at the site host location. In essence, I will treat other members and the site host in the same manner that I would like to be treated. I agree that I will not engage in rude, offensive or disruptive conduct at the site host location. I acknowledge that any theft of and/or destructive conduct towards the property of other members, LFFC, or the site host will result in the non-refundable termination of my membership, and that Sandy Spring CSA reserves the right to terminate my membership without refund for any reason, except those reasons prohibited by law.

Guarantee of Quality

LFFC guarantees the quality of the produce you receive. Vegetables are harvested the day before delivery, and in our experience everything they provide arrives at the height of freshness. If you receive something in your box that does not meet these standards, contact us immediately to arrange for a replacement item.

Cancellation and Refunds

All Fall CSA shareholders are entitled to a 15-day trial period, wherein share delivery can be cancelled and refund for remaining weeks issued, less a $35 administrative fee. Cancellations must be received within 15 days of first CSA share delivery date. Cancellations must be received in writing by e-mail (, or by U.S. mail (Sandy Spring CSA, 233 Ashton Road, Ashton, MD 20861). Cancellation policy applies to all share types.

No refunds will be made for requests received after the 15-day trial period has expired. Please allow two weeks for processing.

A note to shareholders: Please understand that by joining our CSA you make an investment in our Cooperative’s farmers and therefore share the intrinsic risks and benefits of small-scale organic farming. Weather conditions and crop failure may affect the variety of produce received in any given year. Your initial investment provides the capital necessary for LFFC farmers to provide you with a season of organic produce. Because your investment is used in the beginning of the season to finance a season of crops, we cannot issue refunds, under any circumstance, outside of the initial 15-day trial period.

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